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The Complete Base Serum is a silky, nature-focused serum that blocks over 100 inflammatory factors that cause aging and reverses all outward appearances of aging through deep-penetrating growth factors and holistic healing ingredients.

This serum is the basis of all of our Personalized Serums, reverses all 6 clinically-accepted Categories of Aging and is available without a DNA test.

Look at Before and After photos on our View Results page, illustrating our Complete Base Serum's superlative impact across all anti-aging categories.


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3 reviews for Complete Base Serum

  1. Beth Bardeen

    I’ve been using Aperio Complete Base Serum for about two years. I turned 60 on my last birthday, which expectedly comes with a lot of visible aging. Thankfully, the Aperio Serum helps me reduce a lot of unwanted changes. I use it not only on my face, but also on my hands, and neckline. I love the feeling when I put it on. It’s not heavy and doesn’t sit on top of my skin. It penetrates and hydrates immediately. The most noticeable improvements are fewer lines and wrinkles. It lessens the dark circles I have, and it also lessens my red marks from blemishes. I know I have chronic inflammation throughout my body, and the serum helps make my skin less puffy and just feel more relaxed.

  2. Farnaz Memarzadeh, M.D.

    I’ve been using Aperio’s Complete Base Serum for three years now. I had tried numerous anti-aging products before…moisturizers, exfoliants, retinoid derivatives. I have stopped using all prior such products and I exclusively use this serum now. It has made my skin care routine so much easier.

    I would truly describe the serum as age defying. I’ve obviously aged in the past three years, but people state that I look better / younger than a few years ago. I am asked on a regular basis what I use on my skin and how it is that I look so much younger than my age.

    One product that does it all. Adds moisture, reduces fine lines, adds firmness and gets rid of blemishes and breakouts. Can’t ask for more.

  3. Emily Forschler

    Since using the Aperio skin serum I have noticed many benefits in a very short period of time.

    • My skin is much more hydrated and has an amazing natural glow.
    • I have not had any Rosacea and redness in my skin has gone away.
    • My skin appears thicker and healthier, therefore diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. I also do not notice the occasional bags under my eyes.
    • My morning and nighttime routine is so much easier as I only need to wash and apply Serum, before applying sunscreen.
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