The proof is in the results!

See what customers have to say about our serums' superlative impact across the 6 Categories of Aging.

The proof is in the results!

See what customers have to say about our serums' superlative impact across the 6 Categories of Aging.

Farnaz Memarzadeh, M.D.

this serum Is the holy grail of anti-aging serums

“I’ve been using Aperio’s Complete Base Serum for three years now.  I had tried numerous anti-aging products before…moisturizers, exfoliants, retinoid derivatives.  I have stopped using all prior such products and I exclusively use this serum now.  It has made my skin care routine so much easier.

I would truly describe the serum as age defying.  I’ve obviously aged in the past three years, but people state that I look better / younger than a few years ago.  I am asked on a regular basis what I use on my skin and how it is that I look so much younger than my age.

Here are a few specific effects of the serum that I noticed myself:

Within a few days of starting the serum I noted a significant increase in the moisture and improvement in the texture of my skin.  My skin was softer to the touch and had a more radiant appearance to it; a glow as people called it.  

There was a reduction in the appearance of fine lines around my eyes (my problem area) and forehead.  I currently have no fine lines around the eyes nor on the forehead, at rest.   Now, I put this product all over my face and also on my neck and have noted increased firmness and less laxity to my lower face and upper neck, so there is definitely some tightening effect over time which I attribute to increased collagen formation.

I also noticed a reduction in the number of freckles on my face.  There was a dime-sized area of hyperpigmentation on my right cheek which I had tried to get rid of with numerous products, to no avail.  After a few weeks of using Aperio’s serum, the mark disappeared and has not come back. 

Another unexpected positive was the fact that the serum has cut down significantly on the number of break outs I’m experiencing.  I’ve never had a true acne problem, but I would occasionally get a pimple or two.  Now with Aperio’s serum, I don’t break out at all.  And on the few occasions that I do, using the serum on the pimple cuts down on the redness and inflammation and resolves it much more rapidly.

So, in summary, this serum is the holy grail of anti-aging serums.  One product that does it all.  Adds moisture, reduces fine lines, adds firmness and gets rid of blemishes and breakouts.  Can’t ask for more.”

Beth Bardeen

I don’t look like a 60 year old!

“I’ve been using Aperio Complete Base Serum for about two years. I turned 60 on my last birthday, which expectedly comes with a lot of visible aging. Thankfully, the Aperio Serum helps me reduce a lot of unwanted changes. I use it not only on my face, but also on my hands, and neckline. I love the feeling when I put it on. It’s not heavy and doesn’t sit on top of my skin. It penetrates and hydrates immediately. The most noticeable improvements are fewer lines and wrinkles. It lessens the dark circles I have, and it also lessens my red marks from blemishes. I know I have chronic inflammation throughout my body, and the serum helps make my skin less puffy and just feel more relaxed.”

Todd Blodgett, M.D.

Within weeks, their acne had completely resolved!

“My whole family has been using Aperio’s Complete Base Serum for about 3-4 months now, including my wife, my three teenage children and myself and we all love it!”

The base serum is smooth, delicate and feels great on the skin. Over time, it has tightened my skin, reduced fine lines and has given my face a more youthful appearance, overall. What’s great is that for the first time in years, I see my skin exfoliating!

My children have used all sorts of acne products over the years, but the base serum has worked better than any of them, and somewhat unexpectedly. My teenage girls started using it because it has retinol in it, but within weeks, their acne had completely resolved!”

Laleh Baublitz, D.O.

It is truly the fountain of youth we are all seeking in one brilliant product!

“I have been using the Aperio’s Complete Base Serum for 3 years now, and my skin has never felt so smooth, youthful and radiant! I have used many products over the years and what I just love about this product is the ease of use.

There is no longer a need for 5-7 steps / products in the morning and evening. It is a holistic product in one magic solution! The serum has almost completely eliminated my freckles, absolutely unbelievable! In addition, my undereye bags, fine lines and crow’s feet have diminished beyond my expectations.

I am a physician who practices regenerative medicine with the goal of helping people age with grace and beauty and I absolutely cannot wait to offer this incredible personalized product to my patients. It is truly the fountain of youth we are all seeking in one brilliant product!”

Leanne Holtz

My Acne Disappeared!

“After 2 weeks of using Aperio’s serum, my acne disappeared and 3 months later, not a single pimple has come back!”

Whitney Melford

I didn’t even have to wear a separate moisturizer!

“I ran out of the base serum sample a few weeks ago and I am dying to purchase it! I loved the light texture and lack of odor. While using the serum, my skin was clear and moisturized (dryness is my biggest issue). I didn’t even have to use a separate moisturizer!”

Kristin Yandora, D.O.

One Friend Asked if I’d Had Botox!

Within 2-3 days of using the Aperio’s Complete Base Serum, I noticed smoother skin and fewer wrinkles, particularly around the eyes and forehead. I had several moms comment on my “youthful appearance” almost immediately. One friend even asked if I’d had Botox! I have sensitive skin and tend to develop rashes with any new products. The Aperio Complete Base Serum did not cause any adverse symptoms.

Nicole Garafalo

In 3-4 Weeks, My Dark Spot Was Gone!

“I had a small dark spot on my forehead that has always bothered me. 

After using the base serum for about 3-4 weeks, it was gone!”

Emily Forschler

Redness in My Skin Has Gone Away

“Since using the Aperio skin serum I have noticed many benefits in a very short period of time.

My skin is much more hydrated and has an amazing natural glow.

I have not had any Rosacea and redness in my skin has gone away.

My skin appears thicker and healthier, therefore diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. I also do not notice the occasional bags under my eyes.

My morning and nighttime routine is so much easier as I only need to wash and apply Serum, before applying sunscreen.”

Seth Baublitz, D.O.

Within one week of use my skin felt much softer.

“I’ve been using Aperio’s Complete Base Serum for the last 6 months and I must say that I am very impressed by the results! My ongoing problem areas have been drier skin and fine lines and shallow wrinkles, with the latter primarily on my forehead. Within one week of use my skin felt much softer, within 2-3 weeks much smoother / shinier and within 2 months all of my forehead fine lines and shallow wrinkles had disappeared.”

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