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All 6 Categories of Aging Addressed in One Serum Solution

Begin your journey toward a truly personalized solution for your skin’s needs.

Based on our Complete Base Serum, each personalized serum includes a additional ingredients that provide increased impact on their targeted Category of Aging. Click on the personalized serums below to learn more about them.
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Antioxidation Serum Ingredients

Blemish Removal Serum Ingredients

Mass Moisture Serum Ingredients

Skin Elasticity Serum Ingredients

Skin Firming Serum Ingredients

UV Repair Serum Ingredients

The Complete Base Serum is a silky, nature-focused serum that blocks over 100 inflammatory factors that cause aging and reverses all outward appearances of aging through deep-penetrating growth factors and holistic healing ingredients. This serum is the basis of all of our Category Serums, reverses all 6 clinically-accepted Categories of Aging and is available without a DNA test. Look at Before and After photos on our View Results page, illustrating our Complete Base Serum's superlative impact across all anti-aging categories.
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Aperio Beauty’s DNA test is the first of its kind - analyzing 105 DNA variations related to premature aging.  The DNA test will establish your unique DNA profile and is required only once in a lifetime. Based on your DNA profile, you will receive a 50mL Personalized Serum (~8 week supply), composed of high-impact ingredients specific to your aging category of greatest need. Subsequent purchases of Personalized Serum will be $235 per 50mL container. Learn more about the journey toward getting a Personalized Serum in the dropdown menus below.

Initial Items Received in Bundle

4 Weeks Later: Test Results and 50mL Personalized Serum

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Aperio's Serums Part Of A Product Regimen?

Unlike nearly all other competing premium product lines, Aperio's serum is a one-stop shop - all targets of aging are addressed: hydration, skin firming, promotion of skin elasticity, exfoliation, collagen synthesis, removal of skin blemishes / freckles, removal of each of fine lines, shallow and even moderate wrinkles, removal of skin redness. No need for multiple products in a cumbersome daily regimen.
How exactly does this work?

Aperio first designed a Complete Base Serum (with 62 active ingredients) which addresses all 6 of the clinically-accepted Categories of Aging.  We also designed Personalized Serums (with up to 72 active ingredients), for each stated Category of Aging.  Each one of our 6 Personalized Serums has, as its base, the Complete Base Serum set of ingredients.  We then include additional high-impact ingredients, which provide an extra “surge” of action to reverse the age-related targets of the specific Category of Aging.

When you send your saliva sample to Aperio’s lab, we look at 105 individual DNA base pair changes which predispose to pre-mature aging, across the 6 clinically-accepted Categories of Aging.  We then provide you with Your Personalized Serum solution for your Aging Category of greatest need.

What are the 6 Categories of Aging?
Below are the 6 Categories of Aging along with Aperio’s Personalized Serum solution that provides a “surge” of impact in the respective aging category:
  • Free Radical-Induced Skin Damage
    • Antioxidation Serum
  • Inflammation-Induced Loss of Skin Elasticity
    • Skin Elasticity Serum
  • Decreased Skin Firmness (Excess Collagen and Elastin Loss)
    • Skin Firming Serum
  • Skin Blemishes and Dark Circles
    • Blemish Removal Serum
  • Increased Sun Damage
    • UV Repair Serum
  • Loss of Skin Hydration
    • Mass Moisture Serum
Are Aperio's Serums safe?

Aperio’s serums are among the safest of all premium skincare products.  All of Aperio’s ingredients are each of FDA and EMA approved, and current serums (Complete Base Serum and 6 Personalized Serums) are all hypo-allergenic, as well as paraben, sulfate and pthalate-free.  Aperio products never contain harmful ingredients and our serums contain a higher proportion of natural, plant-derived ingredients than nearly all premium skincare products

How often do I need to submit a saliva sample for a DNA test?
Only once!

A DNA test is required only once in order to provide you a personalized solution.
How does the cost compare to others?
Aperio’s products, while incorporating significantly more active ingredients than any competing premium product on the market, are still cheaper in each of the Personalized and Complete Base Serum options.
Did you conduct scientifically valid trials?

We have completed each of allergy testing as well as clinical outcome trials.  Aperio’s results (allergy testing as well as clinical trials), are all completed by independent and reputed third party labs, with Aperio having no involvement in biasing results.