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Personalized Serums

Based on your DNA, we create a Personalized Serum to match your aging category of greatest need.

Starting with the Complete Base Serum, each Personalized Serum includes an additional set of high-impact ingredients which enhance Your Personalized Serum’s impact.

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A Perfect Solution

Our Serum Exhibits Superlative Impact Across all Anti-Aging Categories

This individual had a moderate depth wrinkle spanning her forehead and several shallow depth wrinkles. After 4 weeks of using our Complete Base Serum, the moderate depth wrinkle shrunk in size and became a shallow depth wrinkle, while the previously shallow depth wrinkles disappeared.*

Aperio Beauty
Complete Base Serum

The Complete Base Serum is a silky, nature-focused serum that blocks over 100 inflammatory factors that cause aging and reverses all outward appearances of aging through deep-penetrating growth factors and holistic healing ingredients.

This serum is the basis of all of our Personalized Serums, reverses all 6 Categories of Aging and is available without a DNA test

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Complete Base Serum

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Category Serum – 50mL

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  • Natural, safe
    Whenever possible, Aperio chooses to use natural, plant-derived ingredients, whose organic composition aligns with that present in the human body, maintaining a safe process of halting and then reversing the aging process.
  • Antioxidants
    Our serums are infused with numerous anti-oxidants, which convert oxidizing, damage-driving free-radicals into harmless, inert organic elements.
  • Anti-inflammatory
    Carefully selected ingredients block the complex inflammatory pathway steps that are responsible for aging, with numerous ingredients available to block each individual such pathway target.
  • Healing
    Numerous growth factors are employed to heal the skin across the repertoire of three-dimensional structural elements, essential for the maintenance for full, flexible and radiant healthy skin.
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